We have partnered with IJM - International Justice Mission
for our Peace Changemaker Box. 
Five percent of your purchase of the Peace
Changemaker Box will be donated to IJM’s work around the globe.

International Justice Mission (IJM) is the world’s largest international anti-slavery organization, working to end slavery and other forms of violence in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Right now, more than 45 million men, women, and children are still being held as slaves — that’s the greatest number of enslaved people in history! Because IJM believes justice for the poor is possible, they’re committed to helping every child and adult who is being abused, being held as a slave in unfair working conditions, or being forced into other highly dangerous situations.

IJM brings freedom to those trapped in slavery and suffering from violence, and provides support and care to help survivors heal. In addition, their lawyers represent these survivors in court, so they can receive justice for the violence they’ve endured, and to make sure the people who hurt them don't ever hurt anyone else. Not only has IJM rescued more than 28,000 people from oppression, but today their efforts are helping to protect 21 million people worldwide.



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