Equality Partner

Little Voices Are Loud has partnered with Malala Fund for the Equality Changemaker Box.
Five percent of your purchase of the Equality Changemaker Box will be donated to Malala Fund’s work around the globe.



Malala Fund’s mission is to help girls complete 12 years of safe, quality schooling, so they can reach their potential as positive change-makers within their families and communities.

Worldwide, more than 130 million girls aren’t in school today because of poverty, war, and discrimination. But the Malala Fund is building a movement to change all of that, advocating for the resources and policy changes needed to give every girl a secondary education. In developing countries, educating girls leads to economic growth, healthier populations, respect for women’s rights, and so much more.

Malala Fund invests in local and international leaders to empower girls and make sure their voices are heard. They’re dedicated to creating a space where girls can connect and encourage one another, sharing stories and speaking out their truth.