Every Voice Matters.



We've learned in the past few weeks how our strength in numbers, the volume of our voices and how our perseverance can make a difference. We have stood in solidarity, we are organizing, supporting one another and are creating a vehicle for change.

I have made phone calls, written letters, signed petitions; all while my children are watching. And it struck me - they should be doing the same. They should write letters, send drawings and organize signing petitions with their peers. How impactful would it be to receive a letter from a 8 year old about protecting our streams, or halting the Dakota Pipeline? Or a petition signed by young students? The decisions being made today will impact our kids, so why not empower their voices to be involved in this simple way?

We are making this easy - we’ve created a KIDS GUIDE to writing to our representatives. It helps kids understand why and how letter writing can be impactful, along with a sample letter and mailing addresses for all of your representatives in Washington.

Write letters, send artwork or have your child organize a petition at school.

When we engage our kids in creating change, we are instilling pride in their voices and self confidence in themselves.. that their voices truly matter. Please share and get our kids involved! CLICK ON HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Little Voices Are Loud