we are little voices.

We are dedicated parents, caretakers, educators, and community members
who believe in raising a generation that is thoughtful and globally-minded;
a generation who knows their voices have value, and who use them for good.

Our Founder, Deena with her three kiddos.

change starts with us.

A Letter From Our Founder


My childhood summers were spent in the Middle East, where we often played among tanks and armed soldiers in the streets of our neighborhood. We'd even find ourselves counting the new bullet holes above our bed frame, observing how the number increased as the years passed.

At that time this part of our world was great despair, very similar to how it remains today. I saw a country being torn apart by civil war, and I was witness to the difficult realities surrounding my family and our community as a result of this conflict. These childhood experiences shaped my worldview from a very young age, and I learned to appreciate the safe haven we had living in the United States. Even then, I understood food, water, and safety were privileges not everyone had equal access to.

Now, as a parent, my husband and I have often struggled with how to handle discussing challenging topics with our children. We've searched extensively for resources that could engage and encourage their minds to think beyond what’s right in front of them. We want to raise compassionate, thoughtful children that simply make the world better -- and we believe all parents strive for the same.

When our search came to a standstill, I knew Little Voices Are Loud had to happen. I hope all children can find the courage to ask questions about the world outside of what they see everyday. And when they do, we should speak honestly and honor their curiosity. This curiosity can empower a generation to believe their voices have a place in the rhetoric of our world. I am confident if you raise children with the understanding they can change the world, they’ll figure out how to do exactly that.
So let's give them the power to believe they can, and they will.

with hope and gratitude,