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We believe in the power of kids’ ideas and insights, and we’re here to equip them to make a difference in our world. Through 3 unique changemaker boxes - peace, equality and the environment changemaker boxes, we engage kiddos on how they can create more goodness in our world - while encouraging them to be LOUD.

We believe being LOUD about what matters is a great thing.

Perfect for ages 6+



Your kiddo can make an impact! Select a cause, purchase your Changemaker Box and start exploring a topic with your kiddo. Making a difference can be simple and the experience your kiddo will have engaging their voice is so valuable. An added bonus -- your purchase will support the amazing work of one of our Impact Partners! It’s just so much good in one small box!

Peace is synonymous with unity, with respect and recognition for every person and people group. We are all members of the global community, and as such, we are truly all the same. Children can create more peace within our world when we encourage mindfulness and thoughtful practices.


We live in a time when the gaps of inequality are vast. Let’s work towards a world where the basic rights for every individual are equal, and are not lacking in anything — from shelter and safety to hunger and health care, let’s show concern for each person’s complete well-being.

The Earth is our home, and it deserves our appreciation and attention. When we thoughtfully consider the impact of our choices, we find there are unlimited ways to make our planet a priority and to contribute to preserving the environment.


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"It’s imperative that we instill in our children an understanding of the wider world so that they can become the kind of compassionate, empathetic, and determined individuals needed to change our world for the better. That’s where Little Voices Are Loud comes in. Through their Changemaker Boxes, kids can now learn how their ‘little voices’ can have an impact on the world, in a big way."


“Little Voices Are Loud believes in the power of kids’ ideas and insights, equipping them to make a difference by encouraging them to think about their influence proactively. Give a kid you love a Changemaker box and begin teaching them how to use their voice to build the kind of world they'd want to inherit.”